ACLU Leaks


Welcome to ACLU Leaks, where you will be able to view original FBI documents on an alleged civil liberties organization. Caution, strong material is enclosed. Read the documents yourself, and make your own conclusion. David O'Toole

Text: The American Civil Liberties Union has been associated with 1st Amendment rights, but not the rights of the men and women of Main St. Throughout the 20th Century they have had a close association with Big Media. Their fight for press freedoms have allowed Big Media to smear anybody they want, manipulate elections, and exercise power behind smoke and mirrors. Never was this more evident than during WW II. The ACLU worked to destroy pacifists, the anti-war group America First, and imprison Japanese citizens. 

The FBI cleared all Japanese citizens of any acts of sabotage, cleared American First of any disloyalty, and found no pacifists who had undermined the United States. Yet the media ignored it all, and the New York Post smeared all these groups as Nazi lovers. Its current ownership, involved with the current hacking scandal, has had a long relationship with very big government, the British Empire.  

During WW II, Dorothy Schiff, the owner of the Post, married her editor Ted Thackray. In her memoirs, Men, Money and Magic, she expressed her opinion that Thackray was a British spy. Her daughter said, "There was something mysterious about Ted." They divorced right after the war. During the war, ACLU General Counsel, Morris Ernst served also as General Counsel of the New York Post. The ACLU had sold out to the highest bidder. The ACLU's biggest targets were well known American liberals. Big Media and the ACLU were attached at the hip.

While you have a chance to view the FBI files, it was George Orwell that would have enjoyed them the most. The FBI agents write with candor, humor, pathos, and incisiveness so Orwell would have been impressed. However, Big Media was a runaway freight train. The Arab Spring is changing ownership of the news. Perhaps the warm winds will hit American shores.
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